About The Project:

HUMDRUM: A BORING WORLD OF SALEEM HADI, is a personal video collection of my responses that celebrates the idea of mundane. Inspired by lockdown during COVID in Singapore, this collection of videos will showcase 20 unique moments during COVID/CB period that I had experienced and still experiencing.

People are saying that never did they experience a severe boredom and a sense of void till the lockdown situation crippled ones’ normalcy. But what is so bad being in a boring state? Why can’t life be mundane? Why should art works always have to be “ground-breaking”, “exciting” “out-of-the-box”? What are we doing in the name of art? In today’s world, what is art? What needs to be done to a work to be labelled “art”?

Who creates art? Are artistes constantly in pressures to create something “new” to whet the appetites of the masses, stakeholders and sponsors? What should art really do? Why should one create? For who? Why? These are some questions I had explored in HUMDRUM.

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